The God Who Sees
The God Who Sees
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The God Who Sees Me

Stories of God through the eyes of faith


Our story is God's story

Do you believe that God is the God who sees you? His Hebrew name, El Roi, depicts a God who sees each of us  - from our good days to our not so good days.  I believe that God is a grand storyteller. He tells His own story through the pages of Scripture and His story is our story through the steps of our everyday lives. Through interviews and blog posts, I'll be telling God's story through the lives of everyday people like you and together we'll grow in faith as we learn first hand how God is the God who sees. 

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Hey there! I'm Andrea...

...and I'm passionate about the stories that God tells through the lives of everyday people like you and me. I'm a recent transplant from Massachusetts to Minnesota, work in regulatory compliance, and dream of helping others know Christ through the stories of others. My hope is that you kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile so that you can experience the God who sees through interviews of real life people like you and my simple thoughts on faith and life. 


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